How Boon's Crystals came to be - The Middle-ish?

How Boon's Crystals came to be - The Middle-ish?

This is Part 2 of how Boon's Crystals got to where it is today. Read Part One Here

So in the last part I explained how I started cutting and polishing at the Bundaberg Gem Club. From that first stone I was hooked on the process, and wanted to learn more. However it isn't something you can do too fast, you need to learn the steps. And thanks to the amazing members of the Club, I was taught and assisted through cutting different sizes and shapes. An oval is the starting point, because they are the easiest. From there you learn to cut a "Perfect" Circle (my first one was far from a perfect circle), Hearts, Double Sided Cabs, and Free Forms. I enjoyed it all.

After a year or so, I had all these stones I had cut, and nothing to do with them. This is when it was suggested by my parents that maybe i could sell them. So with their assistance, I hopped onto ebay to purchase stick on bails, and necklace chords. From here I would stick a bail on the back of the stone, thread a necklace through and they were now wearable. Next step was to start selling (Hopefully). For this we looked for markets that were happening around us. I started off with a very small table selling a few pieces every time. Eventually I started making more and more pieces, from Petrified Wood and Agates, to even Boulder Opal. This was my first real introduction into running a stall/business. At this point I think I was about 14 or 15 and loving the experience. Without the support of my parents getting me out of bed, driving me all around to the markets, and assisting with set up and pack down, I wouldn't be where I am today.

All while doing this, I was learning new skills at the Gem Club, such as Casting (A process where a wax pattern is turned into a wearable piece of jewellery). This gave me a whole new avenue of jewellery I could make, and sell. I was recently reminded by a member of the Gem Club, how I used to sell my finished rings to friends at School. The member of the gem club was surprised that my parents never received any calls from the school...... well, about selling things to students anyway... there were plenty of other calls, usually because I had hurt myself (super accident prone).

My market stall took off, and eventually I had a permanent place at the Urangan Pier Markets which took place every 2nd Saturday in Harvey Bay. Here I met so many amazing people, some of which I still see and keep in contact with to this day.

I'm unsure how many parts this is going to have, but I wanted to explain the past and how I got the business to where it is today as I get lots of questions about it.


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