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Moldavite (Not for sale, Explanation Post)

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Recently, due to a few popular videos made on TikTok, Moldavite has become incredibly popular for its associated properties. These videos have amassed multiple millions of views.
Now because of this, and the current world events, supply is very limited, and price is astronomical. In regards to price, around 12 months ago, I was able to sell Moldavite for around $10/g, however now I would have to sell it for approx $50-$60/g (and that is with very little profit).
Now, because it is incredibly popular at the moment, there are heaps of synthetics on the market. Due to Moldavite being a natural glass, these fakes are made from glass. Good quality replicas can be very hard to tell the difference. In the second photo is some natural Moldavite, and in the third, is man made glass.
So, I am currently not planning on sourcing it anytime soon, however if you desperately would like a piece, and are happy to pay $50-$60 a gram, send me a message. Most pieces available are around the $800-$900 mark.
I would advise to not buy online, and only buy from trusted places. But as with anything, if it looks too good to be true (to cheap for the size) it probably is. I wouldn’t be able to explain all the determining factors to tell natural/synthetic as it is mostly something you learn about as you go.