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Zeolite Cluster

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Possible Types - Analcime, Apophylite, Barrerite, Chabazite, Heulandite, Mesolite, Mordenite, Okenite, Scolecite, Stilbite, and mixed varieties. 

Locality Found – India

Size -  50-200g Piece

Healing Keywords – Co-operation, Variety, Innovation

Other Information – The word Zeolite comes from the Greek Zeo (Boil) and Lithos (stone). The term was first used in 1756 when a Swedish mineralogist found that when heated, Stilbite gives off large amounts of water vapor.

Price is per piece and is chosen for you. Photos are a representation of the quality of the stone, However, due to it being natural stone, please understand that size, shape, and colour will be slightly different piece to piece.